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        連云港宇航石化設備制造有限公司,鶴管,汽車鶴管,內浮盤,浮盤.   contact us:086-153 1211 3188
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        Crane Tube
        Low Temperature Crane Tube
        Floating disc / inner floating disc
        Trestle/Trestle Work
        Oil Tank Accessories
        Floating oil outlet device
        Movable folding ladder
        Contact us!
        Switchboard number:086-0518-85380151
        15312113188 Manager Zhu
          About us  About us

            Lianyungang Yuhang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier specialized in manufacturing crane tube, auto crane tube, low temperature crane tube, floating plate, trestle, oil tank accessories, floating suction line, movable folding ladder, revolving joint, and stainless steel revolving joint. Auto crane tube is applicable to gasoline and diesel oil, lubricating oil, edible oil, and various oil material and chemical liquids. Advanced foreign technology is applied for sealing, so that it is capable of keep sealing without oil leakage for a long term; moreover, it is flexible in rotation and convenient to operate; the oil outlet distributes oil at the tank bottom to minimize static electricity.
            Our premium products, including crane tube, auto crane tube, low temperature crane tube, floating plate, trestle, oil tank accessories, floating suction line, revolving joint, carbon steel revolving joint and stainless steel revolving joint, enjoy favorable comments of numerous users and are sold well in both foreign and domestic markets. To cater to the thriving market, Lianyungang Yuhang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. will keep forging ahead continuously, make further development of the company with sincere service and reliable quality assurance system, make friends and win the market with a good reputation, and make great contributions to the development of China's national industries.
            Lianyungang Yuhang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. further provides professional aluminizing construction service. The aluminizing industry and technology of Lianyungang takes the leading role in domestic market. We assure you good aluminizing quality. Contact us!
            We expect to cooperate with you. Call us if you have any question.

        Lianyungang Aerospace Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        Add:No. 20 South Road, Haizhou Economic Development Zone, Lianyungang, Jiangsu 0518-85380151 15312113188
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