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        連云港宇航石化設備制造有限公司,鶴管,汽車鶴管,內浮盤,浮盤.   contact us:086-153 1211 3188
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        Floating oil outlet device

         Oil Tank swing line series can be set in various horizontal or vertical fuel oil tanks. In the oil tank,one end of swing line is connected with oil outlet nozzle at the bottom tank shell course another end(the suction of swing line)is hung by float under liquid level. The suction of swing line is floating up and when liquid level is rising and falling,so tha the fuel oil supplied from the tank is always in upper layer. As the water and impurity have fallen as gravily,the fule oil in upper layer is cleaner than that in lower layer. So using the swing line can confirms the cleaner fule oil to be supplied and the downstream cleaning equipment to be operated longer.

         HCY type oil tank floating device is suitable for various horizontal and vertical storage tank, suction port with the liquid level floating up and down, always from the surface layer of oil. The device for rotating parts by rotating joint, flexible rotation, good sealing, and inner floating disc integrated well.
        Due to the moisture and impurities in gravity sedimentation and the upper oil moisture and impurities is always lower than the reservoir bottom. Therefore, using a floating oil extraction device upper oil, ensure a relatively clean fuel, to extend the downstream purification equipment service life.
        This device also has anti vortex measures and self seepage oil tank, oil tank to both, but also to the outside oil tank.。

         Structure composition

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